Antigua Del Mar

Our mission is to provide US designers and architects with the finest, most authentic reproduction antique tiles from the twelfth through nineteenth centuries. Our studio artisans in Spain utilize the same hand-made techniques employed by their predecessors’ centuries ago.<br /><br />The creative force behind this brand is Lorna Auerbach, an American designer with a lifelong love for Spanish architectural details including antique tiles. In the process of developing authentic Andalusian and Mediterranean style custom homes, Auerbach found that she was unable to locate antique tiles in adequate quantities. Consequently she began reproducing them in Spain using the same techniques and craftsmanship originally employed in their creation. We are ready to customize glazes and motifs to suite your specific project needs. Antique Mediterranean Ceramic Tile Reproductions Hand Made in Spain, California, CUSTOM CERAMIC TILE, Stone, Tile and Porcelain, We accurately reproduce any antique tile from your personal collection as well as creating entirely custom tiles to your specifications.,