Craftsman in the Care of Trees &amp; Shrubs who serve with integrity and passion.<br /><br />Arborsmith specializes in simplifying tree maintenance and preservation, especially before and during construction, to preserve the irreplaceable natural resource of your mature trees. We use a highly personalized approach and come with over 40 years of education and experience.<br /><br />Arborsmith has been caring for trees in Chicago’s Northshore area since 1980. Our staff has advanced technical education in the art and science of arboriculture and all are ISA Certified. We have the hands of experience to care for your trees from the roots to the crown—from their planting to long term care.<br /><br />How We Can Help You?<br />The professional craftsmen at Arborsmith:<br /><br />-Provide tree evaluation and diagnosis of problems<br />-Dedicated to a holistic, environmentally sound approach to tree care <br />-Trim trees for long term health and strength<br />-Trim for vista clearance or light penetration<br />-Trim to bring out the natural beauty of each tree<br />-Proper shrub rejuvination and renewal pruning<br />-Fertilizing and Mulching<br />-Root Growth Stimulation for stressed trees<br />-Manage insects and diseases that attack trees using the least toxic approach<br />-Preserve trees during construction<br />-Conduct practical seminars on the care of trees and shrubs<br />-Protect tree roots by mulching<br />-Publish Arborsmith Abstracts – Our practical information sheets giving solutions to common tree problems<br />-Maintain a high level of personal care for our clients<br /><br />Why You Need an Arborist?<br />Your trees deserve to be treated with careful attention. They are living organisms that are complex and fragile. Like our bodies, some trees have had more care and as a result will last longer and have a more healthy and beautiful life. Proper tree preservation and maintenance can only be accomplished by a certified arborist. Above all, you need someone you can trust. Arborsmith Advantage, Dutch Elm Disease Prevention, Emerald Ash Borer Prevention, Free landscape inspection; 5% off 1st service for new clients, Illinois, Landscape Contractors, Plant Growth Regulator Treatments, Shrub Maintenance, Tree Disease/Insect Treatment, Tree Evaluation and Disease and Pest Diagnosis, Tree Preservation and Design Phase Tree Selection, Tree Trimming and Pruning,