Empressive GeoDesigns

Functional mineral art decor is our specialty. Empressive GeoDesigns provides a great collection of uniquely detailed lamps, beautiful decorative accessories, and exceptionally innovative furniture pieces. We acquire every mineral and semi-precious gemstone from the world&#39;s finest sources. <br /><br />The crafting of each art piece focuses on the mineral itself and its striking inherent beauty. Each individual accessory piece is carefully hand-selected and mounted with the utmost precision to bring out its natural balance and display a plethora of colors to to satisfy even the most refined eye.<br /><br />Our lamps are delicately drilled through to conceal hardware and wiring, ensuring the most elegant presentation and allowing nature and its artistic re-creator to work as one.<br /><br />Empress Gilbert has been working with minerals for over 30 years and has decorated homes with her artistic expression of nature. Accessories, Architectural Lighting, Art and Framing, Furniture, Lighting, Texas,