Intimate Living Interiors

Imagine a space that mirrors the quality of life you’ve always dreamed of. Our team at Intimate Living Interiors knows that creating a customized palette of optimal comfort, is essential for living a prosperous life. Design is not about filling an empty space with unnecessary objects and furniture, but rather it’s sculpting an environment which supports your mood and helps to promote your best self. The designers at Intimate Living Interiors understand that the placement of your furniture and cherished mementos need to mirror the life you want to live, but more importantly your home should have a powerful flow of energy that is a safe haven from the outside world; reflecting your personality, style, and worldly fascinations. <br /><br />Using a multitude of resources, and with great influences stemming from her past travels and life experiences, Kari Arendsen has mastered helping her clients maximize their homes potential. She is known for blending the reclaimed with the refined, the unexpected with the essential, and with copious energy working hard and laughing often. Her work has garnered wide spread praise from industry experts for being distinctive, everlasting and life changing. From start to finish, Kari will orchestrate a personal story that will capitalize on anything you could have imagined for yourself.<br /><br />Whether you are looking to remodel your current home, start with a blank canvas, or just need some expertise on how to synergize your surroundings, we are here to help make that happen. Rest assured knowing that Intimate Living Interiors is a firm that can be relied on for superior and discrete customer service, haute creative design, punctual completion, and an extraordinary commitment to excellence. California, Interior Designers,