Kreon USA

For several years, Kreon has been able to distinguish itself on the market of lighting through a completely different approach to the concept of light fittings.<br /><br />We develop and produce high-quality design equipment for architectural lighting and have gained recognition for this all over the world.<br /><br />The basis for Kreon’s lighting design is a very clear characteristic visualization of our company’s philosophy: purity, strength and simplicity.<br />Wherever possible we refer to pure three-dimensional architectural shapes.<br /><br />This criterion is constantly applied in the development of new products, particularly in assessing the integration of the product in its architectural environment.<br /><br />The process of developing new concepts starts with the joining together of an innovative lighting idea and a progressive integrating structure.<br /><br />We offer timeless lighting concepts that are designed to form an integral part of the architecture. Using a single design language, Kreon offers you a unique opportunity to position lighting in floors, ceilings and walls. Architectural Lighting, Florida, Lighting,