New City Door

New City Door is proud to introduce our unique, state-of-the-art, entry door-system. New City Doors are unlike any other entry doors in the market – distinct, contemporary and highly secure. The doors incorporate the 7-point Mult-T-Lock&#174; lockset mechanism and can be manufactured to both standard and custom sizes in a wide variety of attractive colors and designs, and can be surfaced in wood, aluminum and/or glass.<br /><br />ABOUT US:<br />New City Door is an American based company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The team of owners and managers have applied their professionalism, dedication and discipline in the areas of quality, technology and design to insure that all products produced by New City Door are worthy of their experience and reputation in the industry. New City Door started on the belief in principles and the most sincere desire to offer the global market a product completely different, superior and unparalleled in terms of design, functionality, security and dependability.<br /><br />Each owner and senior manager has hands-on involvement in each process of the product development, design and manufacturing. This insures that only the best and most exceptional products are shipped to our customers.<br /><br />PRODUCTS:<br />When designing your door you have the options to choose from many different surfaces from below such as wood, aluminum, glass and laminate. Different surfaces can be used from exterior to interior side. For example you can design your door with aluminum panels on the exterior and laminate panels on the interior. Limitations do apply based on exterior exposure. You can choose from natural anodized aluminum or one of the hundreds of RAL K7 classic colors for the exterior and interior sides of the jamb.<br /><br />Wood:<br />We currently offer the following wood species: Cherry, Padouk, Red Oak, Redwood, Teak, Wenge and Zebrawood. Normally we offer solid wood panel for the exterior side of the door and wood veneer for the interior side.<br /><br />Aluminum:<br />We currently offer aluminum paneling option for either exterior and or interior side of the door. Aluminum paneling is offered in natural anodized or one of the hundreds of RAL K7 Classic colors. <br /><br />Glass:<br />We currently offer back painted glass option for either exterior and or interior side of the door in one of many Nielsen Design’s glass collection or in one of the hundreds of RAL K7 Classic colors.<br /><br />Laminate:<br />We currently offer laminate options for interior side only of our doors from the Egger 2009 Zoom collection. Arizona, California, Doors & Windows, Texas, Utah,