sfa design interiors

Operating with a true sense of innovation, not replication, sfa design was founded on the belief that each design should serve as a unique reflection of the individual for whom it was created. With the philosophy of favoring a diverse spectrum of design knowledge over a particular signature style, sfa has built our reputation on bringing each client’s precise vision to its fullest artistic potential. On each project, our team works to discover the unique personality, lifestyle and aesthetic aspirations to craft smart, bespoke designs specifically tailored each to suit the distinct persona of every client. And with a team composed of some of the industry’s most acclaimed talent, sfa’s designers combine an eclectic knowledge of design styles, inspiration from world travels and cutting-edge techniques to craft beautifully avant-garde spaces. sfa’s commitment to ensuring elite, personalized service has led our dynamic team become the most sought-after studio by the “A-Lister’s” of film, television, sports and Fortune 500 businesses. California, Custom Furniture Design, Green Design, Interior Architecture and Design, Interior Construction Documentation, Interior Design, Interior Designers, Project Management, Purchasing, Renderings,