1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Channels A Natural Aesthetic


1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge Channels A Natural Aesthetic

Check In: 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge

Who says there’s no green in New York City? Just set foot in the verdant lobby of the new 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge, situated on Pier 1 under the shadow of its namesake overpass.

Having officially opened–appropriately–on Earth Day, the eco-minded hotel boasts a 25-foot green lobby wall designed by Harrison Green, plus plants and trees scattered throughout the space and its 194 guest rooms. INC Architecture & Design took on the interiors, introducing leathers, stones and linens for a more natural aesthetic and as a nod to the blue-collar shipping roots of the Brooklyn waterfront–a theme particularly noticeable in the industrial lighting and rough-hewn ropes and woods.

In keeping with the “use what you have” mentality, the hotel is curated with pieces of art living their second iteration, like the 18-footlong lobby sculpture made of rope and reclaimed pine by Rachel Mica Weiss and, behind the front desk, a textured piece by Jarrod Beck made of rubber recycled from a tornado-torn roof.

1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge is located at 60 Furman Street in New York.