Enjoy A Rejuvenating Stay At This Sustainable Nashville Luxury Hotel


Dark marble hotel bar lined with backed wooden stools

1 Hotel Nashville is not simply a spot to stay the night, but a place to kick-start good habits. Newly bowed downtown, the 178-room, 37-suite property goes beyond eco-conscious (a progressive recycling program, biodegradable components, energy-saving thermostats, in-room water filtration systems).

Its design incorporates sustainable processes, reclaimed materials and biophilic elements—most evident in an 800-foot, ivy-clad façade. Workshop/APD founding principal Matt Berman’s concept for SH Hotels & Resorts was stirred by the spirit of regional landscapes and their environmental stewardship.

“Nashville’s status as a cultural epicenter is undeniable,” Berman says. “Our team fell in love with its broad, diverse natural beauty and rich history, and wanted to share those experiences with guests.”