10 Items Inspired By The Natural World Of Insects


American biologist Edward O. Wilson once revealed, “Most children have a bug period, and I never grew out of mine.”

Like Wilson, the pieces on this page prove designers, artists and stylemakers alike are continually fascinated and influenced by the natural world of insects and the beauty of their structural complexities.

With the spring season on the horizon, we are celebrating these creatures’ indispensable influence on design and embracing their vivid, whimsical and electrifying features.


Carpet Beetle Tray / $48 /johnderian.com.


Rainforest Mantis Box / $225 / michaelaram.com.


Lycaenidae by Raku Inoue / Natura Insect Series / Price upon request / reikanapparel.bigcartel.com.


Issoria Jade Decorative Pillow / $200 / designersguild.com.


Skipper Grasshopper Decanter by Arteriors Home / $288 / themine.com

Tricolored Jewel Beetle featured in Microsculpture: Portrait of Insects by Levon Biss / $40 / abramsbooks.com


Flower and Serpent Wallpaper in Marigold / Price upon request / brettdesigninc.com.

Burn by Gabriela Noelle Gonzalez / Elements Series / Price upon request / gabrielanoelle.com; lnsgallery.com

Bee Women Slipper / $450 / stubbsandwootton.com.

Goldbug Collar Necklace with Pearls / $255 / croghansjewelbox.com.