18 Natural Maximalist Wallpapers For Fall


Earth’s natural beauty informs the maximalist mixings of the season’s freshest wallpapers, each one capable of covering plenty of ground on its own.

Clockwise from top left:

Stalks in Bleached Coral / Nomad Collection / mitchellblack.com.

Flamboyant in Pollen / Jean Paul Gaultier Les Papiers Collection / lelievre.eu.

Narina in Leaf Green / Ardmore Collection by Cole & Son / leejofa.com.

Singita in Dark Blue / Ardmore Collection by Cole & Son / leejofa.com.


Clockwise from top left:

Veren Ocean / Tulipa Stellata Collection / designersguild.com.

Anniversary Crystal in Indigo / mayaromanoff.com.

Pavonazzo Lapis / Tulipa Stellata Collection / designersguild.com.

Mazu 002 / troveline.com.

Wave in Pacific by Victoria Larson for ALT for Living / altforliving.com.


Clockwise from top left:

Bomba in Gold on Charcoal / Graffito Collection / jujupapers.com.

Dusk in Gold on Charcoal / Graffito Collection / jujupapers.com.

Silver Studies N*5 / Silver Studies Collection / wallpaperprojects.com.

Constellations in Old Gold on Gray / Matchsticks Collection / nottene.net.

Rose Vouno / Cosmos Collection / sarkos.nyc.


From top:

Sonora in Fusain / Les Dessins 3 (Fall 2017) / pierrefrey.com.

Badem / Mira & Milos Collection by Ana Kras for Calico Wallpaper / calicowallpaper.com.

Tides in Midnight / Skylight Collection / peterfasano.com.

WP-1605 Tessera in Terra-Cotta / Meta Collection / callidusguild.com.