2023 Wallpaper Trends Designers Are Taking Note Of


Wallpaper has been having a moment, and designers are definitely paying attention. Here, industry experts talk about trending wallpaper and wallcoverings and what we can expect going into 2024. From abstract patterns to geometric designs, these 2023 wallpaper trends are sure to give your rooms some flair.


Discover the best in color and patterns for an invigorating home refresh. Explore the latest wallpaper trends, moody shades and neutral hues, plus colorful textiles invigorating todays most buzzy spaces.

The Latest 2023 Wallpaper Trends To Have On Your Radar


dining nook with one of the 2023 wallpaper trends: an abstract wall mural

Abstract murals add a unique touch to any space, as seen in the design for this dining room in a Lower Eastside apartment. (Photo: Manu Rodriguez)

Adding A Touch Of Whimsy With Murals

“There’s a growing popularity of mural wallpapers. These can range from captivating scenic designs to intriguing abstract murals that add a unique touch to any space. The beauty of abstract designs lies in their versatility—they can be bold and vibrant, perfect for high-traffic areas like foyers, or they can be more subdued, adding a touch of whimsy to places like bathrooms.”

—Rayman Boozer, Apartment48 | New York, New York 

yellow bedroom with floral wallpaper

“I love this Jasper Indian Flower wallpaper because the simplicity of the single repeating flower makes it so modern,” designer Joshua Smith says. “We utilized it in this guest bedroom in the Hamptons, where you notice the paper can also read as vertical flower stripes–it has all sorts of magic elements!” (Photo: Read McKendree)

Updated Organic And Floral Pattern Looks

“Clients are loving wallpapers that are organic or floral, and a touch of watercolor detailing makes these prints feel at home in modern spaces. Until recently, many floral or organic patterns felt very traditional or only feminine, but now we have many more organics and florals that combine feminine and masculine elements for a fabulously updated look.”

—Joshua Smith, Joshua Smith Inc. | Manchester, Vermont

powder room with leafy green wallpaper

Designers Heather Lucas and Katie Browning used Cole & Son’s Palm Jungle Velvet wallpaper in a recent powder room project. (Photo: Jess Isaac)

Moody, Maximalist-Inspired Prints

“We can’t help but notice that moody, maximalist-inspired prints are having their moment. We’re also seeing that clients love the whimsy and playfulness that mural wallpaper can add to a room. They are a good way to add a client’s personality to a space to make it feel even more unique to them. We don’t think these will be limited to just walls; we think we will see them applied to ceilings as well.”

—Heather Lucas & Katie Browning, Lucas Browning Design | Pacific Palisades, California

upstairs landing area with vibrant feathered wallpaper, a plant, and a framed photograph by Jen Samson

An upstairs landing is papered in the free-flowing feathers of Christian LaCroix’s Prête-Moi Ta Plume wallpaper. The photograph on the wall in the hallway is Sois Belle 2.3 by Annelie Vandendael via Tappan Collective. (Photo: Mellon Studio)

Eye-Catching Botanical Patterns

“Eye-catching botanical and floral patterns that draw you in are trending. I love to see the whimsy in some of these patterns well, with features including exotic creatures, curious branches and trees. I have also seen a resurgence of the use of wallpaper as a trim detail, around the perimeter of a room.”

—Jen Samson, Jen Samson Design | Laguna Beach, California 

room with one of the 2023 wallpaper trends: textured black wallpaper and stones

Designer Hilary Matt uses a textural wallpaper for this stunning all-black entryway. (Photo: Rikki Snyder Photography)

Textured Wallpaper To Add Dimension

“Textural wallpapers are frequently requested, and we love to use them in our projects to add an extra element of dimension to any interior space. It feels as if there are both incredibly organic shapes and forms incorporated into patterns right now, as well as more structured linear shapes repeated to create visually interesting fabrics, wallpapers, and designs in general.”

—Hilary Matt, Hilary Matt Interiors | New York, New York 

geometric wallpaper behind table

“Our recent Altered States collection was all about design for mental and emotional wellbeing, and I continue to believe strongly in thisnot as a ‘trend,’ but as an essential approach to designing. It is what humans need!” designer Kate Miller says. (Photo: Thomas Kuoh)

Geometric Wallpaper Trends 2023

“We’ve seen a significant increase in requests for Type II wallcoverings, with end uses including boutique hotels, workplaces, restaurants, and lounges. Blues and grays in particular have been popular choices for commercial and hospitality projects. On the residential side, clients are drawn to geometric prints, as well as our textured wall coverings such as grasscloth and new nonwoven fiber.”

—Kate Miller, Elworthy Studio | Half Moon Bay, California

room with 2023 wallpaper trends: muted blue wallpaper, wooden console and chair

“Incorporating nature-inspired elements brings a sense of calmness and serenity, as well as a sophisticated, high-end look that many are looking to create within their space,” says designer Jennifer Matthews. (Photo: Courtesy of Tempaper & Co.)

Nature-Inspired Elements

“Nature-inspired interiors are truly having a moment as a top trend in design, especially in wallcoverings. We’ve been seeing a growing popularity of subtle color palettes like muted greens, blues, grays, and earth tones such as bleached terracotta. Textured wallcoverings, including materials such as grasscloth, sisal, cork, and jute add depth and warmth to a space.”

—Jennifer Matthews, Tempaper & Co. Company | Brick, New Jersey 

sitting room with grey chairs, pink walls and one of the 2023 wallpaper trends: smaller prints on the ceiling

“Geometrics were all the rage for a while because they were new, different, and railed against the damask of the ’70s and ’80s. Like everything else, patterns hit peaks and valleys—now, they tend to be a bit smaller, not as harsh, with softer lines. I believe organic patterns and iterations of organics will make a big comeback,” designer Robin Gannon says. (Photo: Michael J. Lee)

Leaning On Smaller Patterns

“A trend I’m noticing is smaller patterns. They tend to be slightly less objectionable to people who don’t love wallpaper! Where they’re more benign and quieter, it’s a great way to get some pattern on the walls without feeling like you have to go all in.”

—Robin Gannon, Robin Gannon Interiors | Lexington, Massachusetts 

playroom with abstract wallpaper

One of the wallpaper 2023 trends designer Melinda Trembly mentions is traditional and historic wallpaper being reintroduced in different settings, like this children’s bedroom, making them feel current and hip again. (Photo: Amy Bartlam.)

Bringing Back Traditional Wallpaper With A Spin

“I’m seeing a lot of traditional and historic patterned wallpaper and classic motifs from mainstays in the industry. Some of our clients are just dipping their toes into wallpaper after years of avoiding it completely, and they are starting with textures like grasscloth. And then, we have clients jumping in head first with murals and interactive wallpaper with magnets or fabric wall stickers.”

—Melinda Trembly, Rincon Rd. | Carpinteria, California

room with table, circular mirror, statue bust, and one of the 2023 wallpaper trends: verdure tapestry

Designer Sarah Stacey mentions verdure tapestry as one of the 2023 wallpaper trends she has noticed, as seen in this corner of a room, serving as a beautiful backdrop for this antique mirror and bust. (Photo: Avery Nicole Photography)

Venturing Into Verdure Tapestry

“A huge trend is verdure tapestry, which is a pattern made up of plant forms and greenery. It has been around since before the 16th century, and is featured in both contemporary and traditional designs today. As we venture deeper into the maximalism trend, I expect French and Italian florals in historical patterns to become more popular.”

—Sarah Stacey, Sarah Stacey Interior Design | Austin, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; Miami 

white bathroom with vanity and one of the 2023 wallpaper trends: textured wallpaper

The homeowners wanted a space that effortlessly combined classic and modern elements, and was functional for their everyday lives. Neutral tones and sophisticated finishes were chosen to create a cohesive design throughout the transitional abode in Acton, Massachusetts. (Photo: Tamara Flanagan)

Calm And Serene Bathroom Wallpaper Trends

“Earthy patterns are always on trend. Some clients can be hesitant to install wallpaper, but I’ve found that nature-inspired prints tend to resonate more as they evoke a sense of calm and serenity.”

—Desiree Burns, Desiree Burns Interiors | Boston and Los Angeles 

metallic yellow wallcovering

This space showcases the Northwestlake wallpaper in Solstice by Lonesome Pictopia, and the Northwestlake tiles by Tempest Tileworks. (Photo by Lonesome Pictopia.)

Unrestrained Exploration Of Metallic Details

“Unrestrained use of metallics and ornament, historic reproductions, and patterns with an historic influence, have been appearing more widely. There’s such a rich history in wallpaper, and as people are hungry for beautiful, thoughtful designs, they’re inevitably turning to the past. I’d love to see some of the weirder patterns of the 18th and 19th centuries make a comeback—that was a time of incredible innovation and exploration in wallpaper.”

—Melanie Nead, Lonesome Pictopia | Portland, Oregon 

kitchen with island mural

Lisa Reece of Callsign Design showcases the VOYAGEUR mural in a custom size by Fine and Dandy Co. on her kitchen island, using the end of the island as a picture frame for the “art.” The cabinetry inside this kitchen is by Cabinet Joint. The appliances are from Frigidaire Professional, while the pulls, knobs, and accessories are from The Keep Reserve. (Photo: Logan Spring Photography)

Bringing Murals To Kitchen Wallpaper Trends

“Kitchen island installations. For our own home, I wanted a pastoral mural in the dining room, which is open to the kitchen. But my husband did not want cows on the wall in the dining room. I did a lot of looking, and finally found an amazing nautical mural by Fine and Dandy, that, incredibly, matched our color palette to a T. It’s a high traffic area, and we have dogs and cats but the material is holding up beautifully.”

—Lisa Reece, Callsign Design | Hampstead, North Carolina