2024 Paint Color Trends Designers Are Loving For Interiors


Industry experts, like Benjamin Moore, already have their sights set on 2024 paint color trends. While some paint color trends carry over from 2023, the insight we collected suggests 2024 will be one of the boldest years yet. From rich brown shades to warm crimson tones, these paint color ideas embrace a love for moody paint colors and (new) neutrals alike. Here, 24 designers share their paint color trends predictions for 2024.

Check Out These 2024 Paint Color Trends


fuschia powder room with wooden mirror and white sink as one of many 2024 paint color trends

“I recently used a Vinyl Kimono Silk wallcovering from Phillip Jeffries in Chrysanthemum for a bold, impactful powder room. While this shade is incredible in a small space, it can feel overwhelming in a larger room,” notes designer Joshua Smith. (Photo: Read McKendree)

An Embrace Of Moody Tones

“For 2024, I think we are going to have a slight shift from blues and greens, and we are going to notice bold colors that are a touch darker as people desire to have at least one moody space in their homes.”

—Joshua Smith, Joshua Smith Inc. | Manchester, Vermont

blue sitting room as part of many 2024 paint color trends

Painted in Farrow & Ball’s Stiffkey Blue, this room by Studio Heimat embodies a moody, dramatic feel. Along with other parts of this Oakland Hills home, it’s a mix of modern and vintage. (Photo: Brad Knipstein)

Color—Everywhere And On Everything

“When the economy is weak, color is strong—we think we will be seeing a lot of color of all sorts in 2024.”

—Eva Bradley, Studio Heimat | San Francisco

office space with bright pink ceiling, globe lamps and long table

A glimpse into Isabel Ladd’s bright office design with the ceiling being painted in Benjamin Moore’s Crushed Velvet. (Photo: Andrew Kung)

Outside-The-Box Hues Influence 2024 Paint Color Trends

“I just know that Barbie will still be influencing 2024 paint colors. But, to shy away from the pink we’re seeing everywhere, I bet we’ll see vibrant colors—like a jaw-dropping orange, a soothing-but-still-fun lavender, and what I’d call a “Mattel Blue”—take center stage.”

—Isabel Ladd, Isabel Ladd Interiors | Lexington, Kentucky

dark brown office with plaid drapes and brown desk will be one of the 2024 paint color trends

This earthy office space by designer Shea McGee painted in Sherwin Williams’ Sable. (Photo by Lucy Call)

Earthy Undertones Are Having A Moment

“We’re seeing a shift toward colors rooted in brown with earthy undertones versus gray undertones. We love shades of mauve, like Portola Paint’s Copper Rose, and deep purples, like Farrow & Ball’s Pelt.”

—Shea McGee, Studio McGee | Salt Lake City, Utah

living room with smoky palette that will be part of many 2024 paint color trends

Designer Bradley Odom created a more formal space catered to entertaining and conversation. The gridded velvet fabric chosen for the swivel chairs centered in the room echoed the hard straight lines of the beautiful marble fireplace mantle. These hard lines were balanced by a custom hand-woven tasseled rug, the warm wood carvings on an antique mirror found in Paris, and a custom walnut console. (Photo: Mali Azima)

Going With A Smoky Palette

“I’m redoing an old telephone factory loft from the 1930s right now and I’m really feeling myself drawn to a fresh, yet smoky, palette. I feel like clean, crisp whites with accents of smoky charcoals and deep, true, khakis will very much be an exciting new look.”

—Bradley Odom, Bradley Odom Interiors | Atlanta

living room with bright red flooring and blue couches, part of 2024 paint color trends

The clients bought a singular property which contains five separate houses each with their own architectural style. For designer Noz Nozawa, this posed a unique opportunity to define distinct ways of living and hosting in each structure, allowing each building to be its own experience, while developing a consistent aesthetic language. (Photo: Christopher Stark)

Intriguing Reds + Browns Take Center Stage

“I am very excited about the fact that bricky reds and various shades of brown are taking center stage in our paint color zeitgeist. It is exhilarating to see brown being paired with youthful, vibrant, electric colors, like cobalt blue and salmon pink! I hope the use of colors from both segments of the color wheel, in the same room, continues.”

—Noz Nozawa, Noz Design | San Francisco

dining space with minimalist chairs, table and window

Keeping the tile and the cabinetry from the kitchen along the back wall of the dining room helps maintain a serene and minimalist feel in this space by designer Regan Baker. She balances the black finishes on the light fixture and wood table with the violets and light neutrals selected for many of the finishes and accessories. (Photo: Suzanna Scott Photography)

Opt For Taupes + Rich Caramel Hues

“White is turning into taupe or more natural pinks, caramel hues, and reddish-brown clay colors. These offer more depth of color and can provide darker and richer color combinations overall.”

—Regan Baker, Regan Baker Design | San Francisco

pantry with shelves of canned food

Designer Kate Marker certainly knows how to bring the outdoors into this pantry by painting the walls in shades of stone found in nature. (Photo: Stoffer Photography)

Infusing Natural Shades Into Your Interiors

“Ranging from deep coffee to caramel infused with orange or blush undertones. Deeper taupes and shades of stone found in nature will bring in richness to interiors and color palettes.”

—Kate Marker, Kate Marker Interiors | Barrington, Illinois

blue dining room with Native American artwork

Designer Melinda Trembly believes 2024 paint color trends will be big on a “return of classics like navy blue, camel, deep browns, olive greens, and even red,” as seen in this elegant dining room. (Photo: Amy Bartlam)

A Focus On Classic Sophistication

“I think we are going to see sophistication ranging from light cashmere tones to bold colors. Interiors are always one to two steps behind fashion, so I turn to fashion week for inspiration of what’s next. Succession has blown up the understated luxury trend, and I see that coming for interiors as it has for fashion.”

—Melinda Trembly, Rincon Rd. | Carpinteria, California

bar with patterned wallpaper and bar stools

Designer Melanie Nead transformed The Box Social cocktail bar in Portland, Oregon into a chic, vibrant space. The mural design features brass leaf gilding, which complements a 23K reverse-gilded mirror. She used Miller Paint’s Clementine and Rundlet Peach, and Benjamin Moore’s New England Brown and Farmers Market. (Photo: Lonesome Pictopia)

Miami Art Deco Meets International Flair In This Bar Design

“Plums and pinks are going to have a big moment! High shine finishes on walls will come back in a big way. I predict an Art Deco Miami color palette in early 2024, and bold blues are due for a time in the spotlight—think the Jaipur City Palace—in late summer/fall. In general, the U.S. is going to embrace bold color in design—if colorful bathroom and kitchen fixtures become the norm again, I will die happy.”

—Melanie Nead, Lonesome Pictopia | Portland, Oregon

guest bedroom with daybed draped in earthy shades, part of 2024 paint color trends

A soothing guest bedroom is draped in calm, earthy shades, one of the more popular 2024 paint color trends. “The interest in these warmer shades is attributed to the desire for a cozy and inviting atmosphere, where earthy tones create a sense of grounding and comfort within interior spaces,” designer Victoria Holly says. (Photo: Courtesy of Lauren Engel)

Rethinking Traditionally Overlooked Hues

“In the realm of neutral colors, there’s a noticeable inclination toward warmer and brown tones. People seem to be increasingly willing to explore these traditionally overlooked hues as they seek to break away from the norm and embrace novel color palettes.”

—Victoria Holly, Victoria Holly Interiors | Los Angeles

green hues in bedroom with rattan headboard and circular mirror will be one of the 2024 paint color trends

Designer Dan Mazzarini uses Benjamin Moore’s Mediterranean Olive to give this Jackson Park bedroom a sense of timelessness. (Photo: Adam Kane Macchia)

Rooms Saturated With Timeless Shades

“We’re predicting that we’ll see more requests for painting trim the same color as the walls so it feels like the room is ‘coated’ in color.”

—Dan Mazzarini, BHDM Design | New York

white marble kitchen with brown bar stools, part of 2024 paint color trends

Designer Lisa Schwert features a Custom Calacatta marble bar in this kitchen. (Photo: Read McKendree)

A Palette That Reflects Natural Light

“Trends will continue shifting away from cooler gray tones toward warmer color palettes found in nature. I love working with muted green, brown, and taupe. I love a palette that changes with natural light; you’re never sure what color it is.”

—Lisa Schwert, Innate Studio | Wilton, Connecticut

dark blue bathroom with white sink and round mirror

Designer Brittany Farinas adds soothing blue hues to this midcentury guest bathroom in Miami Beach to make it the perfect retreat. (Photo: Become Legendary)

Seeing A Sea of Blue Paint Color Trends

“I think we’re going to see a lot of blues in 2024. From baby blue to slate blue and midnight shades, it’s such a great color to use for almost any project.”

—Brittany Farinas, House of One | Miami

brown dining room with olive green chairs

Designer Brittany Hakimfar believes that 2024 paint color trends will include pairing olive green and dark brown together in a stylish way. (Photo: Brian Wetzel; Styling: Kristi Hunter)

Dark Brown With Mixed Metals

“I love the combination of brown with black—I see a lot of dark brown-painted dining rooms with black metal trim accents and brass lighting.”

—Brittany Hakimfar, Far Studio | Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

living room with brown floral wallpaper and red striped pillows

Mabley Handler decked out a living room in a brown floral wallcovering from Quadrille Fabrics, which is juxtaposed with boldly striped pillows and an ottoman. (Photo: Courtesy of Quadrille Fabrics)

Leaning Toward Organic Palettes

“The organic palette continues to influence furniture and fabric design as well as home décor—so how about a good old-fashioned brown!”

—Jennifer Mabley & Austin Handler, Mabley Handler Interior Design | Water Mill, New York, New York City, Palm Beach

dining room painted with dark plum red, one of the 2024 paint color trends

This room oozes with a rich warmth that is perfect for relaxing. “The pendulum is swinging away from the super austere whites and grays and blacks of farmhouse modern—it’s just not comfortable to come home to! Warm is warmth,” designer Robin Gannon says. (Photo: Michael J. Lee)

Colors That Create A Sense Of Coziness

“I believe we’re returning to warm tones: golds, reds, salmon, burnt umber—those really rich, warm tones that make you want to curl up in a room.”

—Robin Gannon, Robin Gannon Interiors | Lexington, Massachusetts

home office with gold wallpaper and blue couch

Designer Hilary Matt features bold gold Calico wallpaper with a velvet blue couch in this home office. (Photo: Rikki Snyder Photography)

Inspire Luxury With Vibrant Color Choices

“We have noticed an exciting shift that has been largely based in neutrals and off-whites to more bold and vibrant colors and patterns. I think that deeper shades of yellows, hues of both saturated and muted purples, along with varying chromas of blue and green will be seen amongst interiors moving forward.”

—Hilary Matt, Hilary Matt Interiors | New York City

bright living room with tan couch and pink and blue accent pillows

Bold framed artwork catches your eye in designer Amber Guyton’s stunning design for this bright living room. Warm reds and pastel paint color trends set the scene for the rest of this cozy space. (Photo: Marc Mauldin)

Warm Colors Paired With Pastels

“I think the bold, saturated colors will continue to live on, including warmer colors like reds and oranges being mixed with the unexpected purples and pastels. Folks are tired of the sterile white modern farmhouses and light gray everything. It’ll be interesting to see how this evolves in the future!”

—Amber Guyton, Blessed Little Bungalow | Atlanta, Georgia

kitchen with crimson red cabinets and patterned wallpaper

To find the right shade for the kitchen cabinetry, designer Sarah Stacey tried 96 different colors of red before settling on the perfect shade of crimson. Keeping the cabinetry in the existing country farmhouse-style, Stacey paid homage to the timeless beauty of the original Victorian structure. (Photo: Avery Nicole Photography)

The Perfect Shade Of Crimson

“For 2024, I am expecting warmer colors like bold reds, burnt oranges, and marigolds to trend. Kitchen cabinets and trim look especially great in these spicier colors.”

—Sarah Stacey, Sarah Stacey Interior Design | Austin; Nashville; Miami

open kitchen with blue cabinetry and island

Designer Mindy O’Connor retained and restored the traditional plaster ceiling moldings in the kitchen, while opening it up to create a more intuitive connection to the outside world. With maximized views and access to the rear gardens and outdoor space, this kitchen is perfect for cooking, entertaining and relaxing. (Photo: Sarah Millet)

Soothing Blues And Greens

“Deep greens, blues, or burgundies are interesting, soothing, and quietly reassuring. Neutrals in warmer tones that lean away from super cool grays complement any interior.”

—Mindy O’Connor, Melinda Kelson O’Connor Architecture & Interiors | Philadelphia

dark green dining room with matching velvet chairs and drapes

This majestic dining room designed by Brad Ramsey and painted in Benjamin Moore’s Dark Harbor takes your breath away with its dark teal hues and matching velvet chairs and drapes. (Photo: Zeke Ruelas)

Bold Is Best For 2024 Paint Color Trends

“When it comes to color, bold is best in 2024! Be ready for rich jewel tones and rooms drenched in color from the walls and ceilings down to the furniture and drapes.”

—Brad Ramsey, Brad Ramsey Interiors | Nashville

dining room with jewel tones and a stunning dining table

Errez Design crafted a formal dining room that’s great for entertaining and everyday meals alike. The rich jewel tones and soft lighting make this room sparkle even more. (Photo: Dan Cultrona)

Expressive Colors That Make You Feel Good

“The world is ready for bold expressive colors that feel good. We see people embracing personal style, mood, and comfort over trendy neutral rooms. Even our neutrals are getting more earthy forest colors like rich greens, blues, and browns. We see warmer cozy paint schemes replacing the cool bright palettes of the past. We believe everybody is unique and their interiors should follow suit.”

—Rubin & Katie Gutierrez, Errez Design | South Miami, Florida

green bedroom with bed with blue headboard and rattan lamp as a 2024 paint color trend

Designer Kate Miller paints this bedroom with a rich dark green, which serves as a great backdrop to the patterned blue headboard and rattan desk lamp. (Photo: Kara Hobbs)

Nature Vibes Are Here To Stay

“Colors that bring nature in! All the shades of blues and greens, from watery to richly saturated, as well as neutral earth tones.”

—Kate Miller, Elworthy Studio | San Francisco