3 Designers Divulge Recent Home-Buying Adventures


Design professionals across the country dish on their recent change in address and what they have in store for their new digs.

Ariel Okin, Westchester, NY

Old Digs: Manhattan apartment. New Digs: Westchester Colonial. In her own words: We always knew we’d end up moving. When the pandemic hit, we stayed at my husband’s parents’ home and quickly realized we genuinely liked the suburbs! In May, our lease was up and we decided to pull the trigger. We’ve got great neighbors and we’re walking distance to town. Besides a fresh coat of paint, so far we’ve wallpapered and updated the kitchen. Eventually, we’d love to gut the bathrooms, but…one day at a time.

Jeff Andrews, Los Angeles 

Old Digs: 1930s bungalow. New digs: 1930s estate. In his own words: I recently got married, and my sweet home was a bit small for two. L.A.’s market, amazingly, was thriving during Covid, so we struck while the iron was hot. I love a Spanish Revival and our new dream home has it all: a curved staircase, grand rooms and great natural light. It’s so different (and exciting!) to design with a partner. It will be custom, it will be curated and it will be fabulous.

Julie Hawkins, Napa, CA

Old Digs: Downtown apartment. New digs: 700-square foot cottage. In her own words: We wanted to explore small-footprint living. Plus, we were tired of renting! We purchased the cottage, reworked the layout, selected new finishes and plumbing and redid the landscaping. Renovating during a pandemic has been interesting, to say the least, but given our desire for a simpler life, ironically, it strengthened our confidence in creating intimate moments and outdoor living spaces that allow us to thrive as a family during difficult times.