3 Fun Facts About North Shore Designer Shelley Johnstone


The Insider: Shelley Johnstone

One of the North Shore’s most beloved designers for two decades, Shelley Johnstone, known for elegant European-inspired touches like fabric-covered walls and lacquered ceilings, is all about creating beautiful homes that can be lived in and enjoyed. Luxe caught up with the style maven to learn three fun facts about her.

She’s decisive. “I don’t hem and haw about things,” Johnstone says. “I’m having 40 people for dinner in a few weeks, and I will probably decide on flowers and place settings the day before. It’s not as planned out as you might think.”

She’s friends with Aerin Lauder. This designing dream team actually met through Instagram. “She started following me and reached out,” says Johnstone. “She invited me to a dinner at her home, and we did a trunk show with a dinner in mine. We have a ‘mom’ connection, too–our children are similar ages, and our families come first.”

She practices what she preaches. “My house isn’t one that’s just looked at; we have a lot of fun in it. That’s really why I do what I do. If I didn’t have clients who wanted that, I think I’d stop working. It’s more of a lifestyle than just decorating.”