3 NKBA Kitchen and Bath Trends That Will Reign In 2021


For many of us, extra time spent at home has inspired a greater understanding of what we truly want and need from our spaces. In the kitchen and bath—two of the most utilized and celebrated spots in any abode—this is amply relevant.

Following its beloved annual KBIS event, the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) is filling us in on some of the trends and takeaways that will define these all-important spaces for the months to come.

NKBA Reveals Kitchen and Bath Trends to Look For This Year


white marble kitchen with wood island

Photo Courtesy of Madeleine Design Group Inc.



The kitchen has been considered the heart of the home for a long time now, but with parents working from home and children schooling from home, it has evolved into a multifunctional gathering spot. Design has answered by turning its focus toward enlarging the kitchen’s footprint and functionality.

One major trend of the moment is the L-shaped island, which can maximize counter space and open up the feel of the layout. Enhanced surface area is key when laptops, homework papers and meal prep must often occupy shared space.

Square footage is getting a boost in the bathroom, too. The integration of separate showers and freestanding tubs has been increasingly popular. Connected closets, dressing areas and laundry rooms are also being favored for their ability to make day-to-day tasks that much easier.

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white open bathroom with skylight

Photo Courtesy of Teale Architecture



As the desire for wellness-focused features and healthy lifestyles surges, homeowners are bringing aspects of the open air into their interior lives. This trend manifests itself in renovations that result in massive sliding glass walls connecting indoors to out, but natural and organic materials are also illustrating this yearning.

Designers are seeing painted-wood and wood-grain cabinetry on the rise, and warm finishes are common even in very sleek aesthetics.

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rustic bathroom with stone walls

Photo Courtesy of Beyond Beige Interior Design



It should be no surprise that smart everything is here to stay. Each year—perhaps even each month—brings new innovations, and the luxury homeowner is bringing them all into the fold.

In the kitchen, dedicated device charging/viewing stations, seamless video communication, emergency power for the refrigerator, leak detection, voice-activated lighting and touch-free faucets are becoming the standard.

In the bathroom, favorite integrations include mirrors with internet access, vanities with electrical outlets, smart controls for floor and shower temperatures, water conservation, motion-sensor lighting, motion-controlled/hands-free faucets and leak-detection sensors with mobile alerts.

Altogether, these three big kitchen and bath trends are making the lives of homeowners everywhere more efficient, convenient and safe.

To read the full NKBA 2021 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends study, visit the NKBA website.