4 Sun-Centric Spaces That Are Truly #SummerGoals


Home can be your greatest refuge, as these stunning spaces can attest with their sun-centric designs sure to inspire many a summer escapade.

Great Escape

Seek Summer Haven In These Design Detailed Spaces

Warm materials and a lush landscape envelop this dreamy poolside setting composed by designer Iris Dankner for her own getaway home in Southampton.

1 / New Traditions: Make your pool honor the spirit of a more traditional property with a classic outline. With its signature curves, this Romanesque pool strikes an elegant silhouette that suits the historically inspired bones of this Shingle-style home.

2 / Brick Work: Add some softness to your hardscape with brick pavers, done here in an interesting chevron pattern for the pool deck. Plus, the natural variation of aging brick brings out an innate warmth that sleek cement just couldn’t conjure.

3 / Sitting Pretty: Reclining by the pool should feel especially decadent, and these double outdoor chaise lounges play that part perfectly, with crisp white seating, a matching umbrella and animal-print throw pillows.

4 / Fresh Face: Greenery takes on a renewed spirit when allowed to waver from perfectly manicured rows. For the landscaping around this deck, a border of ferns and low-flowering plants create a woodland carpet that blurs into the surrounding pine.

Blue Crush

Seek Summer Haven In These Design Detailed Spaces

Forgo quiet seaside serenity; these bold colors and sculptural accents are made for standing out against the horizon.

Honoring the beach cottage roots of this Quogue home, designer Scott Sanders invoked a subtly seafaring palette for the porch seating area, made modern with sleek furnishings and a bevy of prints.

1 / Mix and Mingle: Create an inviting outdoor space ideal for circulating with distinctive gathering spots. The dramatic cobalt on the upholstered seating suite from Sutherland’s Peninsula collection defines this outdoor living room, while a whitewashed table and chairs form a casual dining nook.

2 / Double Impact: Inject more dimension into a monochrome color scheme by layering multiple patterns. Here, a subtle nautical navy stripe fabric on the sofa is complemented by an assortment of graphic throw pillows and a geometric area rug.

3 / New Slant: Skip the coastal kitsch and opt for pieces that are unabashedly modernist. Case in point: This electric blue angular side table and streamlined Parsons cocktail table provide a contemporary counterpoint to the more casual furnishings.

4 / Weather Worn: Then again, a subtle dose of driftwood–that beachcomber staple–can work eloquently within modern sensibilities. The gnarled forms of the candle centerpiece on the coffee table add sculptural interest.

Light Fantastic

In deft hands, sunshine can feel as tactile as any material, creating vibrant rooms that are tailor-made for indoor-outdoor living.

Defined by exposed woods and an abundance of light, the classic farmhouse style is the ideal candidate for a minimalist treatment, done here with a light hand by designer Franco Biscardi and architect Brian Brady for a Bridgehampton living room.

1 / Freshly Churned: Nothing reflects golden sunlight better than creamy whites, nicely defined in this space with the pristine walls and soft taupe textiles used on the area rug and seating upholstery.

2 / Picture Perfect: Frame your surrounding landscape to full effect with wall-to-wall glass windows. In crisp white, the symmetrical fenestration injects some architectural girth to the towering glass while still conveying a sense of lightness.

3 / Wood Works: Fine oak finishes beautifully invoke that farmhouse freshness while preserving the space’s reserved palette. Used here for flooring and built-in shelving, the furniture-grade natural oak creates a deliciously warm backdrop to showcase curated treasures.

4 / Shelf Life: Bring a handcrafted touch to the pared-down space with artisanal ceramics as accents. In a range of neutral tones, a selection of unique pieces introduces complex textures to the bookcase without disturbing the room’s serene hues.

First Course

Seek Summer Haven In These Design Detailed Spaces

Dining by the pool finds renewed finesse when one perfectly blends the natural ease of the great outdoors with a sophisticated table setting.

Any gourmand knows a blend of ingredients becomes greater than the sum of its parts–an adage proven true in this dynamic dining and pool deck area composed by designers Nanjoo Joung and Rick Garofalo for a vacation home in Sagaponack.

1 / Knock on Wood: The cerusedwood look is a classic way to inject weatherworn texture–ideal for the outdoors–while still reading as refined. The treatment feels particularly elegant here on a dining table and chairs from Thayer’s in Bridgehampton.

2 / True Blue: Elevate the obligatory outdoor umbrella with a simple pop of refreshing color in contrast to the landscape. Here, a flattering blue punctuates the dining area and poolside lounges against the surrounding greenery.

3 / Mixed Greens: Go a step beyond that floral centerpiece for a more imaginative take on nature-inspired decor for your tablescape. Paired with an elegant mint-and-gold table setting, miniature potted shrubs deliver the unexpected.

4 / Clean Slate: Preserve the streamlined profile of your classic modular swimming pool with a minimalist hardscape. A sleek deck is the only thing needed to frame the pool, which is surrounded by an uninterrupted stretch of grass.