Cozy Up With This Hygge-Centric Book Of Homey Design Concepts


dwell gather be book cover


Hygge. It’s a feeling that comes naturally to the Danes, who created the word to mean coziness and contentment. In America, however, we could use a little help, which Alexandra Gove offers in Dwell Gather Be: Design for Moments, published this September by Blue Star Press.

Using personal stories, practical tips and photos of feel-good homes, Gove–who runs the uber-cozy Vail Valley lifestyle boutique and online store Hygge Life with her husband, Koen van Renswoude–shares how to bring a sense of hygge to every aspect of home life.

“Dwell is about designing a space where you can rest, rejuvenate and seek comfort,” she explains. “Gather is about creating an environment that facilitates good, deep connections with guests. And Be is about taking care of yourself in a way that allows you to fully enjoy those moments.”

What it’s not about: “Creating perfect interiors,” Gove says. “The idea is that you should design your home to facilitate the moments you treasure.”