Why We’re Crushing On The Custom Letterpress Biz That Counts Oprah Among Its Fans


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WHO: The family-run Los Angeles-based business has been the go-to resource for custom letterpress printing since 1968, attracting well-known clients like Oprah Winfrey and costume designer Arianne Phillips.

WHAT: They create everything from invitations and note cards to artists’ prints, frequently collaborating with Shepard Fairey and, most recently, Gajin Fujita.

WHY: With philanthropist Nicolas Berggruen as the new owner of their 1924 Stiles O. Clements-designed building and Commune—
a longtime Aardvark client—on board as the design team, expect exciting new arts programming aimed at regenerating MacArthur Park, the city’s original arts district.

IN HIS WORDS: “With the digital revolution, people strayed from time-tested arts like letterpress, but more and more people are looking for ‘old school.’ What we do can’t be done fast or easily. It takes time, care and human involvement, what photographer Catherine Opie calls ‘the hand.’ ” –Cary Ocon, general manager