6 Designers Dish On Their Favorite White Paint Colors


paint colors

Designers weigh in on the perfect white paint. Here’s what the pros had to say about these swatches, featured clockwise, from top left.

1. Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore

“I tend to favor color in my interior design work, but my go-to favorite neutral is Decorator’s White by Benjamin Moore. It’s crisp and clean.” – Joe Lucas

2. Pratt & Lambert Timidity

“Pratt & Lambert Timidity is my No. 1 choice. My entire New York City apartment is painted in it, including the ceilings. It’s an elusive and beautiful khaki shade.” – Thomas O’Brien

3. Wimborne White by Farrow & Ball

“Wimborne White by Farrow & Ball is a true white with just enough warmth. I used it for my design studio and shop. I love that it feels bright, but not too stark.” –Sarah Bartholomew

4. Benjamin Moore White Dove

“For as long as I can remember, Benjamin Moore White Dove has been a mainstay for designers. It is a classic, soft hue that goes with everything, and we use it constantly for trim and cabinetry.” – Beth Webb

5. Dover White by Sherwin-Williams

“Even when using a base color, it’s important to define the story and point of view. I gravitate toward gray and creamy tones, like Dover White by Sherwin-Williams, to better support surrounding layers of color.” – Rayman Boozer

6. Farrow & Ball Pointing

“Farrow & Ball Pointing is perfect for living spaces. It’s the loveliest soft white that doesn’t read too austere or brilliant. It works well in modern and traditional applications as well as for trim!” – Alison Pickar