7 Chic And Sleek Accents Reminiscent Of These Icy Lake Formations


A contradicting play of fire and ice takes place in Alberta’s Banff National Park as winter sets in. When the lakes freeze over, bubbles rising toward the surface are stopped in their tracks. These particular bubbles are full of methane—the gas is emitted by bacteria living below the surface after consuming organic matter—and highly flammable if released near an open fire. Undisturbed, these frozen forms provide a study in motion and, more importantly, show how stunning science can be. Here, Luxe dives into the latest market finds whose sleek forms are reminiscent of the icy formations.

Walls Watermark Wallcovering in Lake / Price upon request / hollyhunt.com

Large Bubble Chandelier / Price upon request / pelledesigns.com

Brume de Saphir Bleu Diamond and Sapphire Earrings / $124,000 / vancleefarpels.com

Oolang Infini Perfume / $78 for 30 ml / ateliercologne.com

Florence Blue Bowl / $225 / juliska.com

Spaniol Cabinet in Indigo Blue by Aguirre Design / $25,625 / unamalan.com

Bloom Botanica Vase by Helle Damkjær / from $69 / georgjensen.com