Let The Beauty Of A Butterfly Wing Inspire Your Latest Room Refresh



A nature-inspired roundup highlights home accents and accessories with colors and layers as intricate as those in a butterfly wing.

By the numbers: There are upward of 17,500 species of butterflies in the world, with around 750 of those in the United States. Dressed for success: Thousands of scales and tiny hairs make up the insect’s wing. Some camouflage with their surroundings, while others employ decorative eyespots to deceive lurking predators. Fun fact: Butterflies taste with their feet. Need for speed: Skipper butterflies can reach speeds up to 37 mph.

Entreé Multi-Color Wall Sconce / Price upon request / curreyandcompany.com

Cadence Fabric in Emerald by Stacy Garcia for Crypton / $53 per yard / calicocorners.com

Giulietta Screen by Carlo Donati / $8,600 / essentialhome.eu

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red embellished clutch

La Petite Venus Clutch by Benedetta Bruzziches / $885 / modaoperandi.com