7 Colorful Products Inspired By Artist Jerry Cabrera



Texas artist Jerry Cabrera’s vibrant, thought-provoking works are a celebration of light, color and motion, as seen here in Fluttering Cape, one in a series of Cape Paintings, which removes the figures out of bullfighting scenes to instead focus on the natural, graceful movements of the capes themselves. Absent in his work, therefore, is any reference to the violent aspect of the sport; instead, he uses bold, bright colors to illuminate an otherwise overlooked component of the spectacle. With Cabrera’s energetic spirit in mind, we present an assortment of dynamic items certain to inject a lively punch into the home.

Candle Pedestal in Yellow / $285 / alexandravonfurstenberg.com

Mellow Vase / $179 / store.moma.org

Concentric Wall Light by Marset in Corona / $2,640 for small; $3,029 for medium; $3,510 for large / shophorne.com

Shell Chair in Cavallini Pink Flower Edelman Leather / $3,948 / carlhansen.com

Lucite Backgammon Set / $275 / jaysonhome.com

Stream Open Ring in 18k Rose Gold and Cornelian / Price upon request / fernandojorge.co.uk

Grace Small Box by Mark Cross / $2,395 / barneys.com