7 Items Inspired By This Fashion Illustrator’s Work


Kelly Beeman is no ordinary fashion illustrator–her abstract portraits nod toward those of Picasso while pushing the boundaries of traditional feminine forms. For this particular work, commissioned for designer Jonathan Anderson’s fashion label, JW Anderson, Beeman played with shapes and silhouettes that explore the body in a more androgynous–and less- exposed–way. With its monochromatic palette and avant-garde silhouettes, Beeman’s painting offered the perfect muse for this curation of edgy items featuring linear lines and contrasting materials portrayed in black and white.


Ellipsis Mirror / $3,500 / demurodas.com

Fulcrum Light Chandelier 3 Tier in Black / $1,850 / leebroomusa.com

Gem by Kelly Wearstler in Ivory Swell (bottom) and Ebony Plain Field / $14.96 and $19.95 per square foot / annsacks.com


Tubular Steel Bauhaus Table / $4,935 / ralphlaurenhome.com


Bi-Color Sculpted Heel Eyelet Fitted Bootie / $1,390 / alexandermcqueen.com


Vintage Moroccan / Price upon request / nasiricarpets.com


Charleston Wine Glass by Dibbern / $131 / barneys.com