As We Dream Of Travel, Here Are 7 Pieces Inspired By The Northern Lights


For a dramatic display of the Northern Lights, head to the Nordics and parts of Alaska and Canada to see bright colors illuminate the night sky. The Aurora Borealis starts when the sun releases charged particles that react with gaseous atoms in the Earth’s atmosphere. The gas, shifted by solar wind, dictates the vibrant hues that dance across the sky—neon greens emerge from low-altitude oxygen molecules and blues and purples result from nitrogen. Consider multiple trips: No two spectacles are the same.

Here, we turn to natural phenomenon to inspire a roundup of products and accessories with impressive patterns and colors.

Cattedrale 67 by CaC03

Cattedrale 67 by CaC03 / $29,000 /



Dynamo Bag / $5,950 /

Cesca Stool by Marcel Breuer / from $866 /

Spur Small Side Table / $4,175 /


Glasshouse Fabric in Celadon / Price upon request /



Santos de Cartier Skeleton Noctambule Watch / $26,800 /

Cornetto Confetti Decanters

Cornetto Confetti Decanters in Blue and Green / $299 each /