7 Pieces That Channel The Colors Of The Desert In Style


How do miles of mysterious rings of vegetation come to cover the dry ground of southern Africa’s Namib Desert? Folklore believes these ‘fairy circles’ to be footprints from the gods, while scientists cite the desert’s complex ecosystem for the peculiar markings. Regardless of how they got there, the repetition of spherical shapes creates a hypnotizing, polka-dot like motif, giving those with a bird’s-eye view an expansive, visual reminder that curved lines are always ‘in.’

Here we turn to the arid climate to inspire a roundup of stylish products that proudly flaunt the tans and browns.


Sophia Pendant / Price upon request / hilliardlamps.com


Andes Mirror / $1,040 / arteriorshome.com

Large Pop Dot Bowl in Black Walnut / $158 / burkelman.com


D4 Yellow Citrine Earrings / $650 / foundrae.com


Adams Cocktail Table by Michael Berman / Price upon request / kravet.com


Sunrise Armchair by Zanaboni Design / $5,090 / artemest.com


Ondine Fabric in Turmeric and Sage & Blush by Vanderhurd / Price upon request / studiofournyc.com