8 Earthy Pieces Inspired By These Stunning Striped Mountaintops


Soaring mountaintops are a feast for the eyes, but the Zhangye Danxia range in northern, central China boasts a particular beauty with brilliant stripes of reds, pinks and oranges—appearing as if the façade was painted with a brush. The effect is the result of some 24 million years ago, when deposits of sandstone and other minerals formed these intentional-looking layers. Combined with desert conditions, wind and erosion, the rock formations are regarded as one of the most beautiful landscapes in China. Here, we take a look at products whose colors and forms are reminiscent of the majestic mountains.

Terra Leather Dinner Plate / $40 / l-objet.com

Soapstone Curved Bookend Set / $145 / roseandfitzgerald.com

Patos Multi Disk Sandal / $268 / toryburch.com

Isla Coffee Table with Stone Top by Egg Collective / from $10,600 / radnor.co

Stitch 1.5S Knob by Valeriy Khvan / $220 / neststudiocollection.com

Small Round Vase in Sand by Elyse Graham / $395 / abchome.com

Tasar Wallpaper in 72030 / Price upon request / arte-international.com

Delphi Wall Sconce / $345 / jamieyoung.com