8 Pieces That Prove The More-Is-More Classic Look Is A Good Thing


While already established in the fashion world before arriving at the House of Chanel in 1983, it was Karl Lagerfeld’s 30-plus-year tenure at the helm of the French label that solidified his place in fashion history. The “more-is-more” attitude of the ’80s saw women dressing in bold patterns and figure-defining silhouettes, an attitude that’s seeing a resurgence today, where flaunting one’s personal style is celebrated more than ever. Here are eight products inspired by the classically bold aesthetic.


Coco Fixture / $22,900 / laroseguyon.com

Four Point in Jet / Price upon request / kravet.com

Tweed Wallpaper in Pink / Price upon request / cole-and-son.com

Petra Towel Rack by Maison Valentina / $3,830 / covethouse.eu

Vintage Chanel Gold Earrings / $1,000 / 1stdibs.com

Circus Velour Ottoman by Simon Legald / from $620 / propertyfurniture.com

Sunburst Screen by Hutton Wilkinson for Tony Duquette / $3,888 / maitland-smith.com

Hupo Candle / $125 / trudon.com