A Secure And Stylish Home For Your Valuables


When one contemplates the features of home that most spark enthusiasm, a safe might not be high on the list. But Brown Safe thinks it should be.

The Southern California-based company has been building safes for jewelry collectors, watch aficionados and even the military for more than 30 years, and it’s guided by the belief that while protecting valuables is indeed important, safes should aspire to more. They should be vessels to make a well-lived life even more luxurious.

jewelry drawers brown safe

Ultrasuede-lined drawers and custom drawer layouts keep valuables organized and easily accessible.

jewelry drawers closed with perfume

The Gem Series is a top-rated choice for stylish and secure storage for jewelry and valuables.


While the security features used on a safe vary widely depending on its intended application, everything Brown Safe builds is crafted to the highest levels of quality, with the utmost attention to detail. From fireproofing to advanced security features like biometric access and integration with home security systems, the brand offers protection tailored to the threats of the 21st century. Whether a residential model, with quarter-inch-thick steel walls and a half-inch-thick steel door, or a military grade unit built entirely from armor plating, each piece balances the aforementioned technology with physical might.


Chronos 4218 “Damascus Edition” luxury watch safe with ballistic armor construction, automatic watch winders and Damascus steel details.


Alongside the peace of mind gained by putting solid steel and a biometric dead bolt between your valuables and unintended hands, Brown Safe boasts style and refinement appropriate for the most prized of possessions, like heirloom jewelry and rare timepieces.

pink jewelry box

Mini Gem fire safe in custom pale pink finish with signature leather package and gold accents.

With top-notch paint finishes and beautifully crafted interiors adorned with leather, luxurious hardwoods and hand-sewn details, Brown Safe products reflect the personal style and taste of the owner, enhancing your enjoyment of treasured items each time you retrieve them. Protecting valuables doesn’t have to be about hiding them away; Brown Safe endeavors to complement and showcase your precious pieces and trinkets, even while guarding them.

Custom and item-specific add-ons make possible the ultimate organizational feat: anything at hand, just when it’s needed. File drawers for important documents, watch winders, fabric-lined shelves for irreplaceable photo albums and international power supplies to keep phones, tablets, laptops and hard drives on and secure, yet accessible—Brown Safe, it seems, has overlooked nothing.

tall cream safe with jewelry drawers

Custom Chronos 6218 in metallic pearl with cream leather and stainless. The Chronos represents the ultimate in high-security, refined design features and advanced technology.

Before selecting your own Brown Safe, consider making a list—and checking it twice. The team offers these insightful questions to act as guide: What do you use daily, weekly and only rarely? How will this influence your personalized safe design? Do you expect your jewelry collection will grow? Or perhaps a new must-have device will come into your life? If so, extra space between compartments can make for a game-changing choice.

From Gem to Man and Chronos, each of Brown Safe’s series embodies the perfection of function meets form. Add a dose of sophistication and security to your life, with Brown Safe.