Feed To Follow: @abigailmarygreen


Feed To Follow: @abigailmarygreen

WHO: Abigail Mary Green, a Denver-based writer and stylist who dabbles in photography as well. Through her blog, abigailmarygreen.com, she shares quiet scenes from her home and glimpses of her wanderings, interspersed with her own poetry.

WHAT: Ordinary beauty is rendered extraordinary through Green’s artistic eye. Expect dreamscapes of chalky white rooms, bleached wilderness landscapes and tableaux that capture a soft mood. She pairs photos with captions describing a revelatory moment inspired by the scene.

WHY: Green’s feed is thoughtful, homey and just plain gorgeous. The blend of words and photos manages to be soothing and spellbinding.

“I look for light, texture and asymmetrical composition in quiet, cozy moments. I also look for calmness in chaos, like a disheveled bed. Art has always been a means to understand myself–or make peace with not being able to.”

Abigail Mary Green