Celebrate Your Favorite Paintings In This Iconic Furnishings Collab


A bar cabinet by Abner Henry x the Met inspired by a Klimt painting

a man looking over some design sketches for the collection

Collectors and avid museumgoers now have a chance to celebrate their favorite artists in a new, unexpected way: The Metropolitan Museum of Art has teamed up with furniture manufacturer Abner Henry to conceive a line inspired by some of the institution’s most iconic paintings.

Elements from works by Degas, Klimt, Manet, Renoir, Seurat, van Gogh and Velázquez were translated into seven new interpretative designs. This venture allowed Abner Henry to demonstrate its prowess and outstanding craft in a fresh light. Translating the pointillism of Seurat in oak blocks treated using centuries-old techniques, meticulously bending solid metals to distill the essence of van Gogh’s sunflowers or channeling the ethereal quality of a Klimt portrait into a bar cabinet is no small feat.

The line was developed by Abner Henry founder Ernest Hershberger and called on skilled craftspeople to achieve nuanced articulations that go beyond the traditional limitations of their respective trades. The stunning pieces, which also include consoles and a standing polished-brass mirror, are available through Abner Henry.