Dazzle Your Home With This Jewel-Inspired Furniture Collection


cocktail tables by Adriana Hoyos set in living room


Desire a home that dazzles like a jewelry box filled with brilliant baubles? Furniture and interior designer Adriana Hoyos believes her newest Gem Collection is the most elegant and refined collection yet.

What sparked the Gem Collection? As we searched for inspiration during the pandemic, and without travel, we had to focus on what we had in hand—quite literally—because we have gems and jewels in our hands. The main piece of jewelry that inspired us is the cushion-cut diamond. Its shape and soft curves are replicated in many of our pieces, from cocktail tables to an ottoman. 

Share the new styles you introduced. We add special curved shapes with soft angles and materials. There are two new wood finishes that match our two new metallic finishes. We also introduced a different hardware for our case goods. The leathered bases to decorate our dining table are a great accent of the collection. 

Why was this the right time for the collection? The pandemic taught us what we like and what we don’t like in the spaces we live in. We went through a different creative process this time by trying to bring out the crème de la crème of our brand. We wanted to pamper our clients through our most elegant designs ever, specially made for their homes.

dining table by Adriana Hoyos