The Thinking Behind This Florida Rooftop Rec Space


Play Up: Affiniti Architects

Clad in barrel tile or sheet metal, a roof is no longer just a passive cover you hope will stay intact during a hurricane. Top floors of residences now host everything from organic vegetable gardens to turf-lined recreation spaces. Boca Raton-based Affiniti Architects is well-versed at fulfilling the special requests of discerning clients. Architect and co-owner Mitchell Kunik spoke with us about a three-story, waterfront residence the firm designed with a rooftop billiards table, barbecue area, life-size chess set and plunge pool.

Why the atypical roof?

The home is a ‘family retreat,’ lived in by a grandfather and used as a weekend getaway by his extended family. The client’s son spends time with friends on the top floor, enjoying views of the ocean and some privacy, while the grandkids play on the ground floor.

Was placing a pool up high difficult?

It was an added expense, but structurally it was not that challenging. All the pool equipment is well-hidden on the roof. Just because it’s up in the sky doesn’t mean it’s not as carefully detailed as the rest of the house.

Tell us about the rooftop plan.

All we had to do was show the building officials how their rules allowed this to happen. You have to think out of the box–otherwise, you’re in a box!