Meet The Sisters Behind This Geometric Jewelry Line



Meet The Maker

Morgan Solomon & Jaclyn Solomon

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and New York sisters Morgan Solomon and Jaclyn Solomon found theirs in the concrete jungle. Drawn to architecture and urban settings, they founded Agmes to create “modern heirlooms”: jewelry with geometric shapes and clean lines. Each piece is handmade by New York artisans, and almost all are made of recycled materials. We caught up with the duo to learn more.

What is your latest muse?

JS: Modernist art and design. Our Viviane earrings, for instance, are a nod to an Alberto Giacometti sculpture.

Tell us about your decision to hire local artists.

MS: We want to have the smallest environmental footprint possible, so this helps. Many New York businesses are dying, because companies have moved their manufacturing overseas. We feel fortunate to work with some of the best jewelers.

What is it like working with your sister?

JS: I feel so fortunate that we have the relationship we do. We have different backgrounds, and they balance each other very well. MS: I don’t think I’d ever be able to trust someone like I trust Jac. The only challenge is outside the office: We simply don’t know how to stop talking about work.