A Day In L.A., According To This New Cookbook Author


How The Author Behind This Cookbook Spends Her Day

“Los Angeles is having a cultural moment in art, graphics, sound and taste,” says Alison Clare Steingold, a longtime design, hospitality and culinary writer, explaining her latest tome, The L.A. Cookbook. “It felt organic to make sense of this coming of age as a compendium-style project: L.A. would play itself, and the chefs and restaurants would be the stars.”

Her new work will examine design, ritual and food. Here, we get a look at L.A. through her eyes–and taste buds.

7 a.m. I’ll head to the Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook for a trail walkabout. Then, I’ll pop into Rolling Greens and Hiromi Paper on Jefferson Boulevard.

10 a.m. I’ll go to Cognoscenti Coffee or Platform for green tea. Breakfast will be at Lodge Bread in Mar Vista or Destroyer in my neighborhood. Food tastes better on lovely ceramics.

11 a.m. Lunch is at Farmshop on the west side. Then, I’ll swing by Tortoise and stop at RTH and Nickey Kehoe in mid-city. I’m lusting after Jason Koharik’s lighting at Lawson-Fenning.

3 p.m. I’ll visit places like the Sam Maloof Foundation and Storrier Stearns Zen Garden. If I’m downtown, Now Serving in Chinatown has unusual, design-forward kitchen goods.

6 p.m. At night, Filifera at Hollywood Proper, shown below, is a glam little hideaway. I’m most excited for Matthew Biancaniello to reveal his cocktail experience with Calamigos Ranch in Malibu.

How The Author Behind This Cookbook Spends Her Day