What To Expect From This Design Firm’s Debut Line Of Tableware


Portrait of Amanda Gunawan

Ceramic bowls, plates and cups by OWIU goods on a table

Amanda Gunawan, a Singapore-born architect and the cofounder of DTLA design firm OWIU, has launched Matter, the debut tableware collection from OWIU Goods. Luxe met Gunawan to learn more about this new practice, which started as a team-building exercise during the pandemic.

Tell us about Matter. The line is comprised of a matcha bowl, canister, cup, bowl and plate. Because landscape is something everyone can relate to, the glazes are inspired by meadows, forests and the coast. 

How does your ceramics process relate to design? It’s like designing a house at a smaller scale. We have a drawing board with sketches where we discuss form, shape and finishes. No two pieces are identical, just like our architecture.

You describe the collection as “omakase style.” As designers, interpreting the needs of our clients can mean proposing something they never knew they needed. The same goes for our ceramics. It’s like dining at a “chef’s choice” omakase sushi meal.