Turn Your Home Into A Vibrant Haven With Help From This Designer


living room with white armchairs, orange wallpaper and artwork of a woman


Over the past two decades, designer Andrea Monath Schumacher’s name has become synonymous with spaces that fearlessly embrace color, pattern and texture. Ahead of the release of her debut monograph, Vibrant Interiors: Living Large at Home, Luxe sat down with the Denver-based talent to discuss how she makes striking interiors feel livable and timeless.

What drives you to create interiors so full of color and life? I have always embraced that bold style because I feel like we’re on this planet for such a short time, so why not live in a space that makes you smile, has a sense of humor and lets you live your largest life? 

How does a maximalist design style bring interest to a space? When you sit in a room that’s full of eye candy and texture and pattern-play, and it’s representative of you and your travels and your life, it sparks conversation—and it just feels good. 

Do clients ever ask you to design more pared-down spaces? Absolutely. I’ve had plenty of clients ask for a design that’s super neutral, and I’ll say, “Okay, but we’re still going to layer it.” Many of the spaces in the book illustrate how you can choose neutrals for your fixed finishes and bring in the color and pattern with art and rugs and pillows, so it’s easy to transform when you’re ready for something new. 

Portrait of Andrea Month Schumacher