In Phoenix, Arcadia Public Market Delivers On The Promise Of Charm


With the sort of curb appeal that makes you want to pull off the road and move in, Arcadia Public Market in Phoenix delivers on the promise of its charming architecture.

Step inside the sunlit boutique and you’re greeted with one-of-a-kind artwork, furnishings, and decorative pillows and rugs curated by designer and owner Kim Anderson. “The inventory constantly changes,” she notes. “New pieces arrive daily, and once they’re sold, they’re gone.”

Anderson, who also owns Arcadia Design Group, stores still more goods in warehouses around town and enjoys a global network of vendors in order to furnish clients and shoppers with exactly what they’re looking for.

“We have many interior designers who shop in our market for fun pairs of chairs or that special side table to finish off a seating area,” she says. “We’re always looking for decorative items that you won’t see anywhere else.”