3 In-The-Know AZ Design Pros Share Where To Find Refreshing Inspo


Arizona design pros Kim Scodro, Andrew Stratton and Rasha Rizwan dish on some of their favorite places for inspiration in this sunny state.

Spire Bar Is An Arizona Design Showstopper


Circular outdoor bar covered by a pergola and surrounded by water suggested by Arizona design pros PHOTO BY MICHAEL KLEINBERG, COURTESY ARIZONA BILTMORE.

Stratton Andrews’ Pick: Spire Bar, Arizona Biltmore

“Located at the historic Biltmore resort, this Frank Lloyd Wright-themed bar [by PHX Architecture] is one of the most inviting locations in Arizona. It’s surrounded by water and fire features and is the new heart of the hotel.”

Mission San Xavier Del Bac Embodies Arizona’s Rich Cultural Heritage


Old Spanish mission with white and brown facade against a clear blue sky, suggested by Arizona design pros PHOTO COURTESY MILES GREEN, PATRONATO SAN XAVIER.

Rasha Rizwan’s Pick: Mission San Xavier del Bac

“Mission San Xavier del Bac is one of the finest examples of Spanish Colonial architecture in the United States. Known as the ‘White Dove of the Desert,’ the church’s exterior is adorned with ornate carvings and sculptures, and its interior features painted murals, gilded altars and intricate woodworks. Today, Mission San Xavier del Bac is a popular tourist destination and a symbol of the region’s rich cultural heritage.”

Fat Ox Marries Fun Arizona Design With New York City Vibes


Outdoor dining area with white tablecloths, blue pillows and greenery suggested by Arizona design pros PHOTO BY GRACE STUFKOSKY.

Kim Scodro’s Pick: Fat Ox

“The design of Scottsdale’s Fat Ox offers indoor-outdoor dining with a cool New York City vibe. Its steel windows—reminiscent of those used in the city’s townhouses to bring light and air into vertical residential spaces—help marry the interiors and exteriors. The leather diamond tufting on the banquettes is also used both inside and out, further solidifying the connection.”