Get The Scoop On Arizona Design Trends From A Local Insider


Showroom wall displaying flooring and tile in shop by Sandra McCullough

If you’ve lived in or near Arcadia, Arizona, for any length of time, chances are you’ve come across The Lifestyle Lab. Formerly known as Design Lab, the center is owned by Arcadia native Sandra McCullough, who has grown her business from a builder showroom to a destination that caters to both the public and the trade while offering design services from 12 in-house experts. Here, McCullough dishes on the magic of her neighborhood and fall trends.

How is remodeling in Arcadia different from other neighborhoods? Many of the existing homes have modern ranch characteristics and are one-of-a-kind designed and built. It takes special care to adhere to the historic likeness of a residence while updating its design. The neighborhood also has some of the most inviting front yards and patios, and we love to incorporate them into our work.

What trends are on point for fall? Design that prioritizes comfort is currently in high demand. The integration of organic elements, such as natural materials, earthy color palettes and biophilic design principles, creates spaces that are not only visually appealing but also promote a sense of well-being.

Favorite items in the shop? We are loving our Roanoke and Luce cabinet door styles. And our teak Sanibel bowl is one of our favorite home decor items. It comes in a variety of different, natural shapes—it’s gorgeous in person!