Arizona Interior Designer Kristen Forgione’s Aesthetic Is Tailor-Made For Instagram


FEED TO FOLLOW: @thelifestyledco

WHO: Interior designer, podcaster and fashion curator Kristen Forgione, the creative force behind the full-service interior design firm The Lifestyled Co.

WHAT: Seemingly tailor-made for Instagram, Forgione’s aesthetic comes alive in crisp white bathrooms with geometric tilework, behind-the-scenes shots of the firm’s projects and light fixtures lovely enough to justify maybe one more remodel. 

WHY: In a world where armchair travel has to substitute for the real thing and nesting is an art we must master, this feed offers a stream of breezy interiors, beachy getaways and outfits that look picture-perfect in both scenarios.

IN HER WORDS: “We decided about a year ago to use our feed as a living art gallery. Any ‘messages’ we need to communicate to our followers come in the form of modern and simple images, witty captions and, ultimately, placing a feeling in our followers’ hands for them to connect with.”