The ‘Primitive Modern’ Look That Made Us Fall For This IG Feed


Circular and oval ceramic dishes in red, tan, light blue, red and black.

Ivory ceramic spoon with blue floral pattern and wood handle.

Floral-inspired sculpture made of capiz shells, brass and soapstone.

Small white ceramic dish featuring a black and red flower.


FEED TO FOLLOW: @facturegoods

WHO: Ceramic artist Aron Fischer, founder of Facture Goods, who produces handmade, small batch kitchenwares, utensils and more with what he describes as a “primitive modern” type of aesthetic. 

WHAT: Fischer got his start on Instagram in 2014 while he was in his last year of graduate school at the University of Missouri with a goal of posting 100 creative works in 100 days. Mostly through tags and shares (IG’s equivalent of word of mouth), his following grew. 

WHY: His foray into custom service pieces for chefs and restaurants emerged organically. As chefs began using Instagram to post dishes and recipes, Fischer found they wanted something beautiful to plate them on. Along with this custom work, Fischer still offers pieces for sale to the public on his website. Note: They sell out very quickly—yet another reason to follow him!

IN HIS WORDS: “I enjoy working alone, but it does get lonely at times. When I work with a chef, often what I make is completely custom for their needs. Some chefs, like Jenner Tomaska (executive chef and owner of Esmé), are very specific with what they’re looking for, but some just give me the feeling of what they want, and I’ll create around that idea. I love collaborating and feeling like I’m the in-house potter for a restaurant.”