Broaden Your Creative Horizons At Art Basel Miami Beach 2023


A guaranteed creativity boost awaits in sunny South Florida, as tens of thousands converge for Art Basel Miami Beach 2023, Design Miami, Miami Art Week and Alcova Miami, in its inaugural debutSpanning December 6-10, these vibrant fairs invite design and art aficionados to enjoy modern and contemporary art, learn about new trends, and experience thought-provoking installations exploring such topics as sustainability and nature. Whether you opt for checking out Art of Hip Hop’s inaugural exhibition or contemplate Sebastian Errazruriz’s beach maze, here’s a look at some Art Basel Miami Beach 2023 experiences sure to inspire.

Your Quick Guide To Art Basel Miami Beach 2023 + Beyond

For The One With Luxe Taste

room with white plush chairs, marble DJ booth and lights

The Beat Collection by Bea Pernia at the Curio booth. (Photo: Courtesy of Bea Pernia)

At Design Miami 2023, interior designer Bea Pernia will debut The Beat Collection, a sophisticated lounge and exhibition combining modern design elements with luxurious materials at the Curio booth. Embodying contemporary design, this captivating space will showcase her new one-of-a-kind design works made of sustainably sourced wood, marble and fair-trade faux fur. Some highlights of her collection include The Beat DJ booth, with a sleek surface of exquisite walnut wood and the Cocoon Lounge Chair, featuring a plush seat that invites a sense of coziness.

For The Hip Hop Fanatic

one man with tan coat and guitar sitting next to woman with jacket

Fugees. (Photo: Lisa Leone)

Art of Hip Hop, a concept ideated by the founders of The Museum of Graffiti highlighting the creators behind Hip Hop’s visual identity, partnered with StockX to celebrate the debut of its permanent space in Miami. Their dynamic programming for Miami Art Week and Art Basel Miami Beach 2023 includes the exhibition From the Bronx to the Beach, featuring the works of famed hip hop photographers like Janette Beckman and Mike Miller, as well as an experiential patio with DJ sets and a complimentary sneaker customization station by Modelo. For those interested in unique collector’s items, check out the Museum of Graffiti’s collaborations with iconic mastermind Atomik Umbrella, Brazilian artists OS GEMEOS and legendary graffiti artist CES.

For The Outdoor Enthusiast At Art Basel Miami Beach 2023

white bench outside in courtyard facing building

Benches for the Miami Design District. (Photo: Kris Tamburello)

If you’re looking for a little outdoor break, stop by British artist and designer Dr. Samuel Ross’ installation Benches at the Miami Design District for Art Basel Miami Beach 2023. Created under Ross’ industrial design studio SR_A, the installation consists of three different bench designs that are installed throughout the neighborhood and pedestrian walkways, focusing on the ideas of functionality and service in public areas. Although initially originated as hand sketches, Ross eventually translated them to a workable 3D format before crafting the bench sculptures out of CNC steel with a powder coating. Also, for anyone interested in updating their bathroom faucets, check out bold Ross’ limited-edition Kohler x SR_A Formation 01 faucet that will be launched at Design Miami 2023.

For The Sustainability Supporter

bubble structure behind varying amorphous blob seating and sculptures

Utopia. (Photo: Kris Tamburello)

At the fair entrance of Design Miami, you’ll be greeted by Bohinc Studio founder and designer Lara Bohinc’s installation Utopia, which consists of four sculptures featuring amorphous, bulbous forms reminiscent of cellular organisms and lifeforms. Commissioned in collaboration with Design Miami/Curatorial Lab, these rounded sculptures invite us to imagine a city where nature thrives in harmony with our human presence. Focusing on sustainability, the pieces, including a giant centerpiece egg-form and 900 egg-shaped birdhouses dispersed in the trees, are made from cork and, at night, these solar-powered sculptures create an atmospheric glow.

For The Art-Inclined

large black and white photo of multiple people

The Chronicles of Miami, Close up #1, USA, 2022 © JR (Photo: Courtesy of JR)

Those wanting to dive deep into Miami’s diverse culture and history can check out French artist JR’s newest mural, The Chronicles of Miami. Inspired by Mexican muralist Diego Rivera and part of his Chronicles series, this mural imagines how an entire city can be represented through art. To create the work, the artist visited 10 different neighborhoods in Miami over the span of 10 days and photographed 1,048 residents and visitors, collaging them together to make an epic composition offering a window into the social dynamics of this coastal city. JR also asked participants to record and share their experiences of living in Miami, which you can check out through the augmented reality app JR: murals. The mural will be displaying on two different facades, one in Design District’s Jungle Plaza and the second section spans the facade of Superblue Miami in Allapattah.

For The Secret Garden Aficionado

glass structure surrounded by palm trees and nature

Rendering of Stardust. (Photo: Courtesy of Flare)

Ideated by design studio Flare in collaboration with Artworks for Art Basel Miami Beach 2023, Stardust is a 10-foot-tall structure marking the first of a series of bespoke pavilions inspired by the architectural tradition of 18th-century Follies, an ornamental building constructed in lavish English and French gardens. Upon stepping inside the 217 square feet of interior space, visitors are met with mirrored ceilings, elegant marble flooring and transparent glass walls encouraging them to look out into the beauty of nature. In addition to Stardust, there are complementing furniture pieces Araminta and Ana & Chiara, which also support the structure’s ideas of design fostering a sense of belonging, connection and community.

For The Fantasy Lover At Art Basel Miami 2023

large-scale billboard against tan building with green windows

Reclining Mermaid by Elliot & Erick Jiménez on the historic Moore Building in the Miami Design District. (Photo: Zachary Balber, Courtesy Fringe Projects)

Reclining Mermaid, a site-specific billboard measuring 100 linear feet by first generation Cuban-American twin photo duo Elliot & Erick Jiménez, is part of Southern Histories, a series of large-scale works commemorating under-recognized historical narratives connected to Miami’s roots in the American South, Latin America and the Caribbean. Taking from the duo’s own Cuban upbringing, the public art commission homages Yemaya, the deity syncretized with our Lady of Regla in Cuba, and ruler of the seas. Produced in collaboration with Spinello Projects and commissioned by Fringe Projects, this piece represents the history of migration from the Caribbean and Latin America to Miami, as well as the history of Cuba’s colonialism and the blending of Spanish and West African traditions.

For The Beach-Dweller

lengthy maze on the beach

Maze: Journey Through the Algorithmic Self by Sebastian Errazuriz and Faena Art. (Photo: Courtesy of Faena Art.)

A public art installation set behind the Faena Hotel on the Miami Beach landscape, Maze: Journey Through the Algorithmic Self invites you to find your own self, seek meaningful conversations and connect with the community. This immersive maze, created by Chilean artist Sebastian Errazruriz and commissioned by Faena for Miami Art Week, invites us to disconnect from technology and reconnect with what is important. Along with the installation, Errazuriz will also release an accompanying publication, AI Maze, which offers insights into our interactions with artificial intelligence and how we contemplate its impact on the design industry.


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