5 Artful Tabletop Finds For Dining In Style


This season’s spirited tabletop selections are making it easy to transform everyday place settings into luxurious works of art. Each piece offers a creative expression while also evoking a bold sense of time and place.

Doge Plate in sterling silver with red jasper and lapis / $26,500 / buccellati.com

Consider Buccellati’s Doge collection, which inspirits its Italian craftmanship and pays homage to the splendors of Venetian art with hand-hammered and chiseled silver enhanced with malachite, lapis and red jasper.

Always Camille Plate, Molly Hatch for Twig NY / $22.50 / mollyhatch.com

Centerpiece in Pink, Il Viaggio di Nettuno Collaboration with Luke Edward Hall / $165 / richardginori1735.com

Molly Hatch’s Always Collection brings a modern and playful twist to a traditional 18th-century European surface pattern, and Luke Edward Hall’s collaboration with Richard Ginori is based on his love of Greco-Roman mythology.

Gardener’s Dinner Plate, Garden Series by Michelle Blade / $200 / spartan-shop.com

Closer to home, Michelle Blade looked to her Pacific Northwestern roots for her ceramic Garden Series.

Limited Edition Plate, James Peter Henry for TableArt / $240 for two / tableartonline.com

And finally, James Peter Henry morphed his public art installation at TableArt into a limited-edition collection that celebrates “the complexity of a human journey in a possible fourth-dimensional state.”