Meet The Latest Artist To Join RH’s Repertoire


The partnership between RH and the art publishing company General Public recently added a new talent to its repertoire of artists: Arizona’s own Loren Yagoda. The Phoenix native grew up among architects and designers and subsequently brings a structural quality to her artwork with bold brushstrokes, neutral palettes and a dash of boldness. Here, Yagoda and General Public’s founder, Portia de Rossi, discuss art and who to watch.

loren yagoda painting

loren yagoda painting

Your work has been described as “architectonic.” What does that mean to you?

LY: Architecture is a springboard into form, only softened. [My pieces] resemble a site plan or a layout, except they are the spirit within the structure…the vibe, the environment or the purpose.

What’s your favorite piece in the collection?

LY: The next one.

What other RH x General Public artist should readers check out?

PD: Dustin Rousseau. Dustin and Loren are what I think of as “organized” in their approach to painting. The result is geometric and bold.