Art, Ingenuity Meld For The Force Behind This Studio


Callidus Guild

Yolande Milan Batteau — the creative force behind Callidus Guild — and the work she and her team produces are unmistakably and artfully symbiosis at its finest.

Nestled on an idyllic Cobble Hill street, the studio feels more like an artist residency than a place of work, a design that is evident in the various surfaces, wallcoverings and objects that are materialized within the verdurous walls that make up the space.

We spoke with the pro about travel as endless inspiration and her kinship with a 1940s cinema classic.

Callidus Guild

Callidus Guild

Callidus Guild

In artist Yolande Milan Batteau's studio, two ceramic lamps by Peter Lane flank one of her water-gilded paintings, which is untitled.

Callidus Guild

For creative influence, Batteau collects azurite, antique sand dollars from the Sahara Desert, custom malachite and other trinkets

Callidus Guild

Batteau applies a water-gilded technique to fabricate selenite mirrors.

Callidus Guild

Wet sample pots of custom colors and tints Batteau has created over the years sit upon her studio shelves.

Callidus Guild

Her studio is stocked with items like 22-karat selenite and calcite crystals.

Callidus Guild

Batteau organized a Callidus Guild studio inspiration wall.

Your creative process in three steps, go!

Preparing my mind by distancing myself from daily concerns, arranging the space in which I will be working to accommodate concentration, gathering and my tools and materials. But I must first get my creative juices flowing by listening to music, being outside in nature and walking through galleries and museums.

If you could get feedback on your work from anyone, who would it be?

Tyler Hays, the artist behind BDDW, because no one makes more types of things and is as fearless and knowledgeable as he is. He is constantly working with the most fascinating and brilliant people in the most unexpected ways. He’s a friend, but also a hero.

What’s one destination you always tell your friends to add to their bucket list?

East Africa. My time there changed every detail of how I perceive the world. The beauty of the cultures, the landscape and the sky at night are unparalleled in my experience.

Tell us about your all-time favorite piece in your home.

A huge ebony head carving I bought in Tanzania that I carried to the shipper on motorbike. It took six months to weave its way back to my mother in L.A.

Drink of choice.

Moscow mule, Pimm’s Cup, Negroni or Rob Roy, depending upon the season.

What was your last ridiculous Google search for?

Bioluminescence. Look it up. It doesn’t disappoint!

What is one trend you hope never goes out of style?