How The Search For Chicago Studio Space Became An Arts Venture


Artruss cofounders Salvador Dominguez and Eric Gushee sit with Catherine Caravette standing

Gallery with artworks and 1 installation in the center of the space

After knowing each other for about 15 years, friends and artists Salvador Dominguez and Eric Gushee decided to look for a studio space to share. They called upon Catherine Caravette, a real estate entrepreneur and arts supporter, for advice. “She thought we could make something bigger happen,” Dominguez says, noting that the space she helped them find in Hermosa, Chicago, allowed for more than just two studios. “We remodeled the front space and made it a gallery.” Artruss opened in late 2022 as a gallery committed to highlighting emerging artists. Read on as Dominguez shares more about the new venture.

What type of art are you interested in showcasing? This will continue to grow organically. We look for artists who are passionate about what they’re making, have a unique voice and produce quality work. We also consider where they are in their career. 

How do you support the artists? We don’t ask for exclusivity. Instead, we build long-term relationships. Since we’re artists, we try to do good by them, and we’ve found that it’s reciprocated.

What’s coming up this spring? Opening April 14 is a solo show with Chicago artist Dabin Ahn. He works in sculpture and painting with various materials. We’re excited to showcase his innovative work.