A Design Firm’s Furniture Line Fills A Void In The Market


New York design firm Ashe + Leandro couldn’t find certain furnishings they needed for their clients. Upon realizing they were making the same pieces over and over, they decided to create their own 10-piece line: Ruemmler. Mia Dalton, formerly head of interiors at the firm, who designed the line with Ariel Ashe and Reinaldo Leandro, dishes on what sets Ruemmler apart.

Tell us about the voids you noticed in the market. Our wall-mounted console was a big one. Especially in New York, we kept finding that clients wanted something in their entryway that was sleek and minimal and didn’t take up a lot of space. We also wanted to design a New York-friendly nightstand that was small but had storage.

How were the materials chosen? We wanted the pieces to have some character to them, so we focused on materials that would age well over time. The leather that we used for both the top of the console and the lounge chair is untreated. We used silk for all the lighting, which is a natural material that will change over time, depending on how the owner uses it. That was all intentional.

What’s next? We plan to grow the line over time, but the ambition is not to have a 50-piece collection in two years. We’ll also add and subtract designs, and we’re interested in doing limited runs, especially collaborations with people whom we’ve worked with.