2 Southern Design Pros Share Art Delights + Travel Highlights


LuxeNext In Design 99 honorees Charlotte designer Ashley Ross and Atlanta designer Seth van den Bergh reveal what’s catching their eye in the art world and how travel impacts their designs.

Black-and-white wallcovering of a landscape backs a wicker bed dressed in white linensPHOTO: DANTE JONES

As founder and creative director of Charlotte’s Muse Noire, Ashley Ross brings cultural stories to life by designing captivating interiors. Here, the Luxe Next In Design 99 honoree shares her inspirations.

Biggest influences: My experience as a first-generation homeowner and my extensive travels across four continents and 17 countries. Exploring different cultures and architectural styles gives me a broader perspective on design possibilities.

Artist admiration: Calida Rawles—particularly her works illustrating water. There is a stigma that often defines the Black community’s relationship with water, and her work professes, “We belong here.”

Home is: The intersection of who we are and where we want to be. I strive to create spaces that embrace diversity, promote self-expression and foster a sense of belonging.

Dining space with gray-velvet chairs around a table with multicolored glass sculptures nearbyPHOTO: GREGORY MILLER

Through his Atlanta-based firm, The Drawing Room, Luxe Next In Design 99 talent Seth van den Bergh is pushing the boundaries of interior design. Read on as van den Bergh tells us more about what fuels his vision.

Style approach: Art is an integral part of design. I incorporate furnishings that tell a story, from their origins to the joy they bring.

Travel impact: I moved frequently as a child, and each change left a lasting impression on how I see and use space.

On my radar: 3D textiles; new technology and art are coming together in intricate, multidimensional and awe-inspiring ways.

No home is complete without: Original art. A one-of-a-kind piece breathes life into a space, evoking emotions and sparking conversations.

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