Meet A Lighting Studio Bringing One-Of-A-Kind Designs To New York


Portrait of Chelsie and Jacob Starley next to the Alpine floor lamp from Astraeus Clarke.

Tinge table lamp from Astraeus Clarke

From their origins out West, Chelsie and Jacob Starley bring a fresh sensibility and exuberance to the New York design scene. Defined by sizable, geometric and boldly textured compositions, their lighting studio, Astraeus Clarke is debuting with a range of luminaires blending interaction with materiality.

“We started our practice based on a desire to connect humans with design,” Chelsie explains. Each of the duo’s distinct pieces are fully customizable and handcrafted in-house by a close-knit team of artisans. The Tinge table lamp’s light-diffusing glass disc serves as its control, and the multidimensional Roebling sconce derives from the experience of witnessing the Brooklyn Bridge through a basement window. Architectural references are also evident in the industrial-inspired, modular Lapel pendant system. And the monumental Alpine table and floor fixtures allude to the contours of mountainous peaks seen in the Starleys’ native Utah.

The pair cleverly matches function with play as they harness noble materials and specific assembly techniques to create succinct statement pieces.